Kojey Radical’s third studio album comes in the form of ‘Cashmere Tears,’ a new 10 track project from the multidisciplinary London artist. “It’s warmth, it’s service, it’s gratitude – it’s a bit of everything,” he told Another Man Magazine. And it’s certainly true, the slow jam Funk of the album’s title track as well as…


‘2020’ is the second single to come from Kojey Radical’s upcoming album ‘Cashmere Dreams’ [Feb 13]. The track sees Kojey ruminate on the success he imagined for himself versus what he’s achieved so far; a starkly honest approach compared to the braggadocio of many of his peers. Stream below via YouTube.

ELWD – 20:20

British producer ELWD has created a new project on behalf of NYC clothing brand Mishka.  ’20:20′ features ten tracks each split in two, giving us twenty instrumentals that make up twenty minutes on the dot.  Stream the mellow collection of Instrumental Hip Hop below via SoundCloud.