metroProvince is an independent music blog, record label and clothing brand.  Based in the UK, we put out music and clothing that we think is awesome.  If you like what we do, help us out and buy a T-shirt.

If you’d like to…
– have your music featured on the site
– join the team
– talk about advertising
– shower us with praise
– all/none of the above
… please give us a shout at the email address below.

If you’re submitting music we’re not particularly fussy about how you do it, but please ensure the track is less than five days old, and that you include a streaming link and the accompanying artwork.

Created by Lewis Lister

Email: prvnce@gmail.com

We’re also available on FacebookTwitterInstagramTumblr and Google+


45, Lonsdale Court
West Jesmond Avenue
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne & Wear

0191 281 0039

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