Tyler, The Creator’s latest album is one of his most gratifying. He’s an artist that prioritises reinvention and innovation, sometimes to the detriment of the listening experience, as ‘Cherry Bomb’ will attest. Elsewhere in his back catalogue, albums like ‘Wolf’ and ‘IGOR’ saw Tyler refine his sound and explore new concepts, but left fans of his earlier material wanting in terms of sheer bars.

‘Call Me If You Get Lost’ goes one step further than ‘IGOR’ in terms of fusing these two sides to what makes Tyler so compelling. The production is often Jazzy, lush and pretty, but takes enough turns into the dark and distorted to root it in the angsty Rap that first earned Tyler his stripes.

Speaking of which, bar for bar, Tyler’s really at the top of his game on ‘CMIYGL.’ He chooses, as he has done before, to largely tell the story of the album through snippets of conversation, allowing him the freedom to flow with more abandon. The story’s narrative is also looser and less intricate than before, which again adds to its breezy feel. Tyler urges us to ‘get lost’; ie have fun, enjoy life, stop chasing the material and enjoy some of the finer things. It’s at that point, and that point only, you should call him. And by ‘him,’ we mean Tyler Baudelaire, the artist’s latest free-wheeling alter-ego.

Released with very little fuss, and along with some stunning visuals, ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’ is layered enough to engross, but simultaneously light as a feather. Stream below via SoundCloud.

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