Dave digs deep on second album ‘We’re All Alone In This Together,’ which must have taken some doing, bearing in mind the heart and soul that went into the making of his debut ‘Psychodrama.’ It’s every bit as personal, but a little broader in scope as Dave looks outward as well as in.

The Streatham MC takes aim at the systemic issues that the Tory government’s ‘austerity’ made worse, pledges to make amends and be a better ally to the black women that he’s wronged in the past, and discusses posterity. Even for an album whose opening track is called ‘We’re All Alone,’ it’s a sombre listen for the most part. Its title, incidentally, came from a conversation Dave had with Hans Zimmer while working on a score and Dave was suffering from a lockdown-induced creative block.

Stream the project, which features Stormzy, Giggs, Wizkid, Ghetts, James Blake & more, below via SoundCloud.

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