Welsh MC Deyah releases a new four track EP featuring the incredible ‘Hush‘ and new single ‘Room 21’ alongside two other tracks ‘Jericho’ & ‘Ultimate Dinner Party.’

Turning to Room 21 for a moment, Deyah co-produced the blissed out beat alongside Jakwob and En Why Cee.  She told Complex the track is “a reflection on the past and present seasons in my life. Within that metaphorical room holds decade-old memories—good and bad—new discoveries, flaws, experiences, traumas and victories. I can close the door on it at any time. Likewise, I can choose to keep the door open.”

The EP sees Deyah stamp her impressive flows over some generally mellow production, making for a genuinely interesting listen.  She’s an artist with something to say, and just now it feels like she’s figuring out exactly how best to say it.  Stream below via SoundCloud.

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