Building on the R&B / Hip Hop stylings of ‘Same Old,’ on which Enny loses patience for the “same old boys,” the rapper entirely switches up the tempo on ‘I Want.’ It’s an undeniable dance cut with deep R&B undertones that, which again showcases her lyricism and versatility. It would be a mistake to interpret ‘I Want’ as an experiment though, we’re simply seeing her shift gears in real-time. The artist pulls references from classic Dancehall records and packs wordplay into complex rhyme schemes, further illustrating her commitment to Rap as a craft — a storytelling art form. As such, ENNY finds room for social commentary in the groove of each dance beat, she raps:

“Identity crisis for me and my crew
We’re Black and we’re British and African, too
But so far removed
I’d like to go back to my mother’s land
I’d like mental peace and a hundred grand”

With long-time collaborator Paya on production, this new release has the irresistible bounciness and funk core of a Kaytranada record. Neither ENNY nor her team are willing to be boxed into the categories that some people want to put them in. ‘I Want’ is a rhythmically bold track that serves as a reminder — the South Londoner refuses the archetype and will continue to do so. With ENNY, we must expect and embrace the unexpected as she brings us closer into her world. Stream below via YouTube

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