Ms Banks is back on the radar with a brand new single entitled ‘Pull Up,’ featuring fellow South-Londoner K-Trap and production from Cadenza, alongside a music video directed by Wowa.

Blasting off with air horns right from the start, Cadenza lays out a menacing backdrop; adding kicks and snares into the mix to make this a brutal and infectious Drill anthem. Banks takes no time hopping on to the track to deliver the goods confidently: “I do not fear anybody, one for the dearly departed / I don’t do half-hearted / I’mma finish what I started“. K-Trap follows suit; menacing and gritty, oozing “don’t f*ck with me” attitude as he goes.

Big Banks’ more recent repertoire sits more in the Dancehall / Afro-Beats lane, this foray into Drill serves her perfectly well, taking us back to the kind of energy present on ‘The Coldest Winter;’ ruthless, and unapologetic. The video opens on Banks’ mantra: “I’m about my money and will only accept take what I deserve,” and sees Banks oversee an armed robbery, outsmarting anyone who’s got eyes on her and her team. Stream below via YouTube.

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