Quick off the mark with a second single from forthcoming album ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’ [September 3], Little Simz positions women at the epicentre in ‘Woman.’ Crowning women in her very own international beauty pageant, the artist’s vision of womanhood is uncompromising. Representing different countries throughout each verse, Simz takes us around the world from “Bajan hunnies” to “Miss India”, “Brooklyn ladies” and back. Her words command the room as each bar rolls seamlessly into the next, forming a natural synergy with Cleo Sol’s elegant vocals. She sings:

“I see you glow, you’re the finest gold
When you walk in the room, they feel your soul
Your style, it shines so ahead of time
And you know that you’re fire, you’re so damn fine, girl”

Starring Jourdan Dunn, Zeze Millz, Miraa May and Joy Crookes to name a few, the self-directed video makes it almost impossible for the eyes to stray from the brightly coloured silky fabrics wrapped around their bodies. Bringing the women into focus against the regal backdrop, the movement, curves and confidence make for a compelling watch. On ‘Woman’, the rapper lays her cards on the table, reminding everyone how she became an award-winning artist. From the marching band of ‘Introvert’ to these diamond-cut soulful tones, Simz is a versatile force to be reckoned with. Stream below via YouTube.

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