shaybo – broke bOYZ ft. dreamdoll

Two of the leading ladies in Rap right now, Shaybo and DreamDoll, have come together to tell us why they’re not going to be messing with any Broke Boyz.

When Shaybo opens the track, she brings her charming personality with heated and punchy lines. “How much cases you had? tell me what jail you been? cause all of them talk like they tough till I play with them rough, they be crying on a baby ting.” 

In the Terry Paul-directed video, both girls are kitted out in a raunchy outfits, and the famous flow of DreamDoll keeps the energy of the track alive while she sprays bars about broke men.

With two fierce females on one track, they were bound to deliver, and you’ll be left feeling powerful after you listen! Bringing London and New York City together, Shaybo and DreamDoll are repping their hometowns! Stream below via YouTube.

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