After a series of collaborations with several fellow UK artists, such as Fredo and Ghetts, Streatham rapper Dave — real name David Orobosa Omoregie — has returned with two new singles, ‘Titanium’ and ‘Mercury’ [April 10].

Flex track ‘Titanium’ is short and straight-talking, whilst ‘Mercury’ is more of a personal reflection; an outpouring of emotion featuring up-and-coming singer-songwriter Kamal. The track starts off with the North West Londoner softly singing over piano chords: “I feel, I feel you breaking under / My skin, I’ll be your vacant lover / Diving too deep to tell ourselves apart / Hand on my heart”. 

Then, reflecting on his life since the release of his 2019 debut album ‘Psychodrama’, Dave cleverly discusses mental health, relationships — of all sorts — and the downsides of fame.

“At Merky Fest I broke down because a camera flashed / Janelle was in the back, I had a panic attack, I said I needed a trip / You wanna scheme where I live? / We send bullets through your windows while you sleep with your kids”.

Somewhat known for his hard-hitting and spoken word-esque bars, ‘Mercury’ is certainly no different. It is honest, straightforward and alongside ‘Titanium’, a vigorous comeback. Stream below via SoundCloud.

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