Body - Russ x Tion Wayne


Russ Millions and Tion Wayne have teamed up again for another explosive single entitled ‘Body’, which comes after the success of their explosive single ‘Keisha & Becky’ that took over our summer months of 2019.

The pair take turns blasting bars that match the momentum of the track’s catchy and thumping instrumental from producer Gotcha, while delivering witty and cleverly worded lyrics that you will be recalling from your first listen. The pair, as we saw with ‘Keisha & Becky,’ has a knack for writing catchy choruses, and ‘Body’ is no exception. 

“English, English girl named Fiona
African girl, Adeola
Body-ody shaped like Cola
Back up, back up, ayy, come closer.”

You’ll be unable to take your eyes away from Tion and Russ in the fast-paced visuals, as you’ll become engrossed in the lively scenes in which they’re surrounded by their mates, flash cars, and models! Stream below via YouTube.

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