Amidst claims that Grime may be dead, JME, Frisco, Shorty, and Capo Lee are illustrating how they are keeping the genre alive with the release of ‘Norf Face,’ a brand-new collaborative project comprised of nine fiery singles that bring the four together to showcase their unique flairs.

The group surprised fans last month with an announcement that they were working on something special, along side which came first single ‘Baitest Sound,’ which gave us a glimpse of what to expect.  It’s sinister, Skepta-produced beat commands the attention like an old-school Grime track, over which JME reminds us of his credentials:

“Don’t know what to say to man that don’t know bout ‘Too Many Man’ or ‘If You Don’t Know’ Yeah, ‘Man Don’t Care’ Or man that still ain’t heard ‘Nang’ or ‘Tekkers’, sekky”

The album itself begins explosively with ‘AGL,’ which has big reload potential. The rappers’ lyrics are, quite rightfully, boastful, imbuing the track with their combined self-assurance. Capo Lee doesn’t fall behind even while he shares the same breath as Grime’s greats in the project. Silencer, Trooh Hippi, JME, Deeco, and Skepta are all involved in the production, making ‘Norf Face’ the ideal project for Grime fans.

‘Shorty’s Pattern,’ ‘Capo’s Pattern,’ ‘Frisco’s Pattern,’ and ‘JME’s Pattern’ sees the artists approach their own beat with their own unique styles and punchlines, letting us get to know the artists better as they give you a minute of what they’ve got offer.

‘Norf Face’ is the perfect project to listen to as the winter darkness fades and the warmer days arrive, reminiscent of the Grime sets we’re all praying will return as the easing of lockdown’s on the horizon.  Each act has a musical legacy to uphold within grime, which they continue to deliver year after year. ‘Norf Face’ is tribute to Grime’s musical legacy, and the kind of collaboration we want to to see more of.

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