Ray BLK teams up with Giggs for new single ‘Games.’  The old school 90’s vibe is a heavy theme in this music video; opening with Giggs setting the narrative for the story before transitioning to Ray BLK.  The lyrics are playful, but are underpinned by an empowered confidence reminiscent of ‘Lovesick;’ “Don’t trust the game baby, don’t fall in love.”  It ‘s almost as though Ray is having a conversation with her younger self, advising “Boys will be boys,” but girls know better, and should therefore do better than to fall for the same foolish games.

In the video, director Nathan Tettey evokes the 90s vibe with intricate set details [boombox etc], styling [big hoops, Moschino & Tommy Hilfiger] and a side-fringed, camo-clad Ray BLK.  The predominantly black cast looks radiant; their skin illuminated in the scenes.  Stream below via YouTube.

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