Little did we know, Haich Ber Na’s been preparing the ground for new EP ‘From Then Til Now’ since the release of ‘0594 Help‘ last November.  The EP also features the sublimely shape-shifting ‘Think About It,’ and sees Haich continue to explore the boundaries with a sound that you can’t quite put in a box.

Each time you think you’ve found your feet, Ber Na whips the rug from beneath you – at times his delicate falsetto will have you in an R&B groove, while the shuffling House stylings of RODEL-assisted ‘Both Ways’ will have you pining for the rave.  It’s the work of an artist who’s completely comfortable with experimentation, and capable of pinning down an eclectic range of styles & influences into something remarkably cohesive.  Stream below via SoundCloud.

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