The latest Megan Thee Stallion video marks her third collaboration with DaBaby, continuing her run of daring, show-stealing performances from the Houston rapper. Hot Girl Meg takes centre stage in a playful, over-the-top depiction of a toy store dollhouse, accompanied by chaotic, pop-art set design in the track’s official video.

The playfulness of this psychedelic dream-world lays the scene for Megan’s mocking tone as she shamelessly lists her past flings along the same lines as DaBaby earlier in the song; every part his equal when it comes to pure, no-strings sexual gratification: “His friends and his dad hate me / I broke his lil’ heart, he a crybaby (wah, wah, wah)”

Far from the quintessential Barbie girl, Megan’s presence remains unrivalled – despite her bars clocking in at only around a minute of run-time. Her choreography follows on from her viral ‘WAP challenge’ success, but with jerkier movements to reflect the underlying motif of childish doll’s play.

Unabashed confidence and visual spectacle remains Megan’s forté – and this video is no exception when it comes to fans being treated to another bold show of charisma from one of rap’s leading ladies. Stream the video for ‘Cry Baby’ below via Youtube.

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