Multi-talented singer and producer Ragz Originale presents his new project ‘WOAH,’ a mixtape that takes us on a journey through the different levels of being ‘caught up’ in a relationship. with some stages being more toxic than others. Captivating audiences with first single ‘OG lullaby’ in late November before following up with teaser ‘brush u’ in the new year, Ragz doesn’t fail to deliver on his promise of “7 sweet ones for your soul.”

Ragz’ melodies are so irresistibly smooth it’s easy to lose sight of the boldness of his lyrics. This is most evident on ‘ring out’, featuring 24hoursav’s delectable harmonies. He sings:

“Ever since I got the cookie, I’ve been blowing all my p
Shoes for my cinderella, drippy drippy over sea
Tell me if you’re burning out, I’mma match your energy
Make it rain when I entertain, going up, going up in flames.”

As with most tracks in his recent catalogue, Ragz keeps his songs short, but sweet enough for fans to want more. Addressing this during the ‘WOAH’ listening session on Instagram Live, he said, “It’s short because it’s sick,” and hinted that he might even give in to the demand by dropping an extended version of ‘brush u’.

After going back-to-back on the verses and hook with John Glacier on ‘night cap,’ Ragz sings lyrics that subtly capture the essence of the entire song; “girl you’re pushing my buttons again.” In just over two minutes, ‘night cap’ simulates the intensity of relationships, pulling back and forth like a game of tug-of-war with sexual tension on the line against heartache.

In contrast, closing cut, ‘low frequency’ is layered with angelic vocals that drift off into a melody reminiscent of Brandy & Monica’s iconic harp strings on ‘The Boy Is Mine.’ The production throughout ‘WOAH’ is slick and intentioned. Needless to say, Ragz has raised the bar for R&B with this body of work. Not only is it packed with gems, but it has come at the perfect time to dominate this Valentine’s Day playlists next month and in years to come.

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