Novelist returns with visuals for his track ‘Calm’, marking his 24th birthday. Celebrations are definitely in order, with the video being his first release of the year, after dropping the ‘Quantum Leap’ beat tape back in November 2020. In this latest video, the Grime MC & producer is seen wandering the eerie streets of London, unperturbed by the events taking place around him – “Got no problems / Got no drama / Put trust in Jesus I don’t believe in karma.” 

Two years after the track was originally released, the hypnotic visuals easily complement the bold bars detailing the harsh realities of life in London. Directed by Ehsan, and produced by Novelist himself, the video is given a cinematic style, with suspenseful scenes foreshadowing that something powerful is due to happen, in which Novelist exudes confidence with a nonchalant performance. Combined with an unmatched work rate, the Lewisham born artist continues to demonstrate his unfaltering levels of talent. Stream the mesmerising visuals for ‘Calm’ below via YouTube.


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