‘Jöetry’ is a 9 track project released by rapper and R’n’Joe originator, Joe James. The collection of songs include classic R&B samples such as Anthony Hamilton’s ‘Charlene,’ Summer Walker’s ‘Session 32’ and ‘Softest Place on Earth’ by Xscape. The use of RnB samples makes ‘Jöetry’ (the title itself inspired by R&B group Floetry) a timely release for Valentine’s day, and the cover art happens to be a photo of James’ partner; a subtle but sweet acknowledgement.

The unconventional project seems to hinge on a few key themes; , legacy, gratitude, and the distinction between real & fake. Throughout, James describes how, at different times in his life, he has crossed paths with individuals who were pretending to be something they weren’t – a  facade he quickly learned to see through, unfazed. Remaining true to one’s self in the face of adversity is seemingly of great importance to James, as he celebrates those in his life who’ve done just that; his mum, his partner and his friends.

In ‘Blackberry Curve,’ for example, he jokingly says ‘You know when the mandem don’t want you to prosper with a pengting,’ but a perceived rejection leads to James secures the all-important BB pin. Elsewhere, standout tracks such as ‘Visvim Villain’ and ‘Polyhthene Gucci Belt’ see James further display his undeniable lyrical talent.

‘Jöetry’ is truly a project is for R&B and Rap fans alike, abundant with great lyricism, cadence and transportive, nostalgic samples. Stream below via SoundCloud.


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