A cinematic masterpiece, Shaun Sky delivers poetic verses in his latest track ‘pretty’. The South London rapper’s methodical wordplay is crazy, spitting effortlessly over the off-kilter beat: “Higher than my pilot food / Air force that’s the pilot shoe / Camera that’s a pilot shoot / Fly that’s what the pilot do.” In-keeping with the lyrics, and indeed the rapper’s name, for much of Joshua Allen’s video the camera is angled up toward the sky, ending with a plane drifting across the shot.

With an array of beautiful angles, the simplistic, monochrome visual focuses on Shaun doing what he does best. Each verse demonstrates his unique tone; you can’t help but nod your head. The switch-up in flow merges perfectly to allow Shaun to rap about telling a girl that “She’s pretty and she knows it.” Exhibiting an authentic vibe, Shaun Sky is brings something new and fresh to the scene with every drop. Stream below via YouTube.


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