On his 28th birthday, Kojey Radical shows us what “ageing like wine not milk” looks like in his first release of the year. In ‘28 & Sublime’ the rapper oozes with confidence, dropping full-bodied bars about what it really means to know oneself. From beginning to end, the saxophone drifts in and out of focus with melodies that blend seamlessly into Kojey’s silky flow.

“Big money, read it and weep,
I used to dream about my problems then I gave up on sleep.
I got dreams and nightmares on chase like Meek do.
Shades for the Babylon, see no evil.”

Embracing a sense of his maturity in ’28 & Sublime’, the artist bops around home turf in Hoxton Market in a video shot in black and white. Champagne bottle in hand, layered up, wearing a skull and bones on his back, Kojey raps directly into the camera lens, letting us know that he’s going to kill it this year. If the upcoming album is packed with the rich tones, fiery wordplay and boundless imagination Kojey is known for, it promises to be a real treat. Stream below via YouTube.

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