The third track [following recent singles ‘nhs‘ and James Blake collab ‘feel away‘] to come from Slowthai’s forthcoming album ‘TYRON’ [Jan 29th] is entitled ‘MAZZA,’ and features none other than A$AP Rocky.

The track dropped today [Jan 5th] as Annie Mac & DJ Target’s ‘Hottest Record,’ following a statement from Ty that read: “Earlier today me and my team had a conversation about pushing back ‘TYRON’ due to the national lockdown and not being able to bring to life all the ideas we had planned for you all but I cannot allow this virus to keep holding us back.”

“‘Normality’ may not return but we do have a chance to create a new normality,” he went on, “one that is inclusive of all with compassion and love as a focus.”

Stream ‘MAZZA’ below via SoundCloud.

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