In his latest release, Ghetts brings his family around the table for Christmas, recalling his memories of the past and present – not only the blessings but also moments of “survival.” The rapper is known for piercing riddims with his unrelenting flow, as recent releases ‘Where’s Ghetts’ and ‘IC3’ will attest, but Ghetts pares everything back in ‘Proud Family.’ While his pen remains sharp, he laces each bar together as delicately as he sings the hook, relaying the message that life would have been different without the insurmountable love of his family. When fans questioned who performed the vocals, the rapper responded with his real name, Justin, as if it were an alter ego.

“Unconditional love
That get through anything miracle love
That nothing can’t top this pinnacle love
That spiritual love
That’s that original love”

The video for ‘Proud Family’ splits the screen between past and present, contrasting a young Ghetts behind bars with an older version in the booth. Director Nathan James Tettey draws perfect parallels between what would usually be mundane moments. As Ghetts changes the bedding of his baby’s cradle we see his younger self flip the prison cell mattress. These images characterise the ‘Proud Family’ this track represents and, most importantly, the people who shaped the man Ghetts is today. Stream below via YouTube.



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