Following an inspiring performance at this year’s MOBO awards, Kojey Radical rounds off 2020 with new track ‘Good.’ In collaboration with Unknown Realities, it’s his attempt to preserve positivity. In a year that Kojey describes as one of “turbulence and self-reflection,” there’s no denying his rise to the occasion. Yes, this track is tame compared to the raw and edgy ‘PROGRESSION’ series – but those were different times.

In the video, Kojey’s virtual self stands in a temple, his voice echoes and fades as Roman style statues are blasted away; a comment on the whitewashing of our history books. As the east London maverick says himself: “we gonna see some better days.” This track is Kojey in moderation – a peaceful grand finale, to a year in which he fully embraced the chaos. Stream below via Youtube.

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