It’s been a long 9 years since the last ‘Call of Duty’ mixtape, so when Youngs Teflon surprised us with a third instalment, it’s only right to take time to process the long-awaited scriptures. This time around, he enlists the aid of Tiny Boost, RV, K-Trap and Dave on the project.

Teflon sets the scene on COD3’s intro, giving us a recap of life since COD2. Similarly to its predecessors, the album is dense with wordplay, filled with references to infamous drug dealers, anecdotes of his life and life-altering recent events such as the death of Nipsey Hussle. As ever, nods to TV shows synonymous with war abound [this year it seems Teflon’s been watching a fair bit of Game of Thrones!]

There are many standouts scattered across the tape, particularly ‘El Classico,’ one of the more light hearted, fun tracks off the project. The RV-assisted ‘Bally Bop’ leaves the listener wanting more [we could certainly do with at least two more verses], while Dave collab ‘Rule of Two’ sees the duo deliver punchline after punchline, highlighting just how lyrically gifted and witty the pair of South London Natives are. The ironic, catchy chorus from track 13 ‘The Gulag’ is also worthy of note in that it calls out Teflon’s peers guilty of simplistic songwriting and lack of substance; ‘Can’t listen to the radio / Cos all I hear is boring rhymes.’ COD3 is filled with drama, action and I can attest you won’t find a track that could be described as mundane. Stream below via SoundCloud.

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