Flohio 'No Panic No Pain'


Flohio appears to have found solace in MC-ing on new project ‘No Panic Now Pain.’ Remarkably, it’s been four years since the South-Londoner first put her mark on the UK scene, and her artistic growth is evident. Full name Funmi Ohio, her expansive new mixtape includes previously released singles ‘Unveiled’, ‘With Ease’ and ‘Sweet Flaws,’ as well as seven new tracks. 

‘FLOFLO!’ is a vigorous opener, its chants of ‘energy’ diffusing into neighbouring tracks becoming something of a motif. It’s followed by the hard-hitting sonic palette that is ‘Unveiled’ before, on which Flohio reveals befitting confidence: “How did I turn to this beast? In my own league / Moving like Chip in his prime / And I put weight on my name.” We have to agree; Flohio’s raging performance is infectious; a product of a rapid-fire flow and smart rhymes allied to boasting instrumentals.

‘No Panic No Pain’ isn’t all angst and bravado though; there’s also space for smooth flows on the likes of ‘With Ease’ [which features Kasien], and ‘Medicine’, on which Flohio opens up about the mollifying aspects of a relationship. It’s balanced by mixtape closer ‘Stuck in a Dance,’ which explores the more difficult side of maintaining a relationship,

Although branded a mixtape, ‘No Panic No Pain’ exhibits every but as much narrative arc as you’d find on an album, make no mistake. It’s conceptually cohesive; each track is a meaningful and indispensable contribution to the sum of its parts. Once again, Flohio proves her vitality as a British MC worth keeping an eye on.

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