Ancestral Futures returns to the stage with a 4-part series of live playlists to be broadcast throughout lockdown on FOLD’s YouTube channel. ‘Act 1: Welcome To The Dunya’ marks the one-year anniversary of Ancestral Futures’ first multi-sensory event that sought to celebrate the African Diaspora through its immersive show. Shumba Maasai, the founder of Ancestral Futures, enlisted Afronaut Zu, ChirovaMutanda, Jaybay, Intalekt and DemiMa to share sounds inspired by the motherland. ‘Welcome To The Dunya’ was even projected onto the walls of a building in a secret East London location.

When a performance begins with the powerful words of Marcus Garvey telling the people to “rise up,” it becomes obvious that no ordinary live set is likely to follow. Fitted in military camouflage head to toe, Shumba Maasai embraced Garvey’s call-to-action with his presence and opening words, “this is our vibe, our people, for the diaspora.” Earthy tones from the green foliage of the set design and traditional percussion instruments were offset by a glowing red light that filled the space. From Jaybay’s angelic vocals to Afronaut Zu’s soulful tones and ChirovaMutanda’s tight flow, these artists transmitted a rich sonic experience through the state-of-the-art 110 decibel sound system. The second show features Demigosh and TINYMAN and will be broadcasted on Saturday the 21st of November at 9pm on YouTube. Stream ‘Welcome to the Dunya’ via YouTube below.

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