With his first solo single of the year, South London rapper Loyle Carner reminisces on his formative years over a typically melodic Madlib beat. ‘Yesterday’ stretches as far back as baby Loyle, cradled in the arms of his father. The video traces an angry teen scribbling rhymes in a book in response to the violence around him to the present day artist spitting bars into the mic accompanied by friend & producer Rebel Kleff. From the flashes and sirens that fly past his bedroom window to televised police brutality, the visuals reflect Loyle’s politically-charged but ever so calmly delivered bars.

“My grandfather getting knuckled by the pepper spray
More fire brings the riot like a renegade.”

The way Loyle’s flow combines with the finesse of Madlib’s production is what makes this track really special. When Loyle the child places the needle on the record, the soulful vocals in this expertly crafted beat start spinning into the listener’s mind. As the rapper put it himself, “It’s LC and Madlib, it’s MadLoyle.” Stream below via YouTube.

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