In collaboration with YouTube Music for Black History Month, acclaimed artist and social commentator George the Poet presents a brand new spoken word show entitled ‘Black Lives Still Matter.’ With incredible performances from rapper Jords, award-winning poet Sophia Thakur and hosted by Remel London, this show is not only a celebration of Black culture, but also a frank discussion about social justice and racial equality in Britain.

In an interview with Lashawna Rose on Reprezent radio, George said: “It’s a special Black History Month this year, a lot has gone on… we’re having real conversations, we love to see it!” Following the widespread Black Lives Matter protests that took place over the summer of 2020, questions around the experience of Black people in the UK have been placed on the media agenda and that of businesses and institutions in ways unlike before.

This October also marks the 10th anniversary of George Mpanga performing and releasing his work as George the Poet. From albums, published poetry collections, podcasting and hard-hitting performances of spoken word, George has consistently been initiating the conversations that Britain needs to have as a nation as well as those necessary for Black people to have within their own communities. Armed with punchlines and musicality, true to form, George the Poet explores these issues in a way that makes for a gripping live show. Stream below via YouTube.

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