Pa Salieu returns for the timely release of new single ‘B***k’ during Black History Month. The title uses asterisks to censor the word black, representing how we; the selective censorship of black culture, all too often portrayed negatively, be it by governing bodies, the media or by our white and ethnic counterparts. Black culture is so frequently stolen, without acknowledging the source of the inspiration; left out of history books as if it and its people appeared on earth by magic and were set free. The truth is far from this.

The music video utilises VFX to showcase an array of different black individuals; Black Panthers, African warriors, tribal queens and ordinary people. He also features a black man with albinism, which is important to note – blackness comes in all shades, but our features, culture and our upbringing unite the diaspora. This song is an ode to embracing your identity in a world that tries to dilute it. Stream below via SoundCloud, and click here to download it on iTunes if you can – all download revenue will be donated to charity Black Minds Matter, who are doing some amazing things right now and could really use your support. 

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