Enny returns with third single ‘Peng Black Girls’, this time joining forces with R&B vocalist Amia Brave. The track explores the trials and tribulations that come with coming of age; finding the right path in a world that is highly complex and full of distractions. With the kind of lyrical flair that’s rapidly becoming her trademark, Enny demonstrates her ability to encompass uplifting messages within her rhymes, urging young Black girls to embrace their natural beauty.

“There’s peng Black girls in my area code / Dark skin, light skin, medium tones / Peng ting, braids, mini afros / Thick lips, got hips, some of us don’t / Big nose, contour, some of us won’t / Never wanna put us in the media, bro / Want a fat booty like Kardashians? No / Want a fat booty like my aunty got, yo.”

On production, piano chords and a subtle drumbeat create a gentle but upbeat melody, over which Amia Brave soothes “We gon’ be alright, OK” in the hook, providing necessary comfort in these trying times. Enny says she wrote her verses from her subconscious; “Looking at my family, friends or even random women and just thinking wow, society and your own culture will tell you you’re not beautiful because your skin is a certain shade, or your features don’t look a certain way.” Through this seamless collaboration, Enny and Amia have produced a track for Black girls by Black girls, honouring each of the beautiful faces on the album cover. Stream below via YouTube.


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