Yes it has been a year since her last release, but if you have been sleeping on Ray BLK, it’s time to wake up. Off her as-yet-untitled upcoming album, new track  ‘Lovesick’ unveils a villainous, cold-hearted facet of her personality to which we have been hitherto unaccustomed. Ray delivers the drama in the visuals too; a dark and mysterious setting, majestic dobermanns, and a selection of outfits (majority sourced from black designers); including a durag with a train that could compete with Princess Diana’s.

A stark contrast to the Ray BLK from ‘My Hood,’ this new Ray knows her worth and demands her flowers now and not later. The confidence that Ray exudes throughout the video is exhilarating to say the least, and let’s not forget the bars she delivers so effortlessly over Nana Rogues’ melodies. This snippet from the album highlights her versatility as an artist. Here’s hoping for the same energy from the album.

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