Brilliantly dazzling, Jorja Smith’s new video for her latest single ‘Come Over’ ft Popcaan is a visual feast directed by Amber Grace Johnson. The animé-comic book style of animation by Future Power Station is a bold move for a song concerned with the simple 21st-Century anxiety of being ghosted by a potential beau. Which is why it works so well; launching us into the future with Blade Runner: 2049-esque aesthetics, the video works perfectly in unison with the lyrics to remind us that the woes of young love are universal and transcend time. 

What’s more, despite the change in the visual aesthetic for Smith, the video doesn’t lose sight of the singer’s signature female-power vibes, as demonstrated by a particularly strong scene in which cartoon Jorja dons a mini skirt in the club and is applaudingly unforgiving toward the man who gropes her. In keeping with the mood of the video, he turns out to be a robot, of course. The Britishness and millennial texting grief, uncharacteristic of a typical sci-fi voyage through time and space, is what makes this video so compelling. 

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