KwolleM has returned to feed our Mellow Grime needs with a new EP entitled ‘c2c.’ The project is predominantly a joint venture with rapper Joe James, but also enlists the aid of Grime veterans Crazy Titch, Devlin, Flowdan & Novelist.

KwolleM takes us on a journey from Essex to East London, following the coast to coast (c2c) train route. We begin our journey at the seaside, ending at Fenchurch St, with each ‘stop’ narrating lived experiences and referencing societal issues such as racism.

EP stand-out ‘Basildon’ is a classic mellow Jazz sound, accompanied by narration from Joe James, creating a sense of nostalgia and familiarity, even for those such as myself, a South Londoner, who have never boarded this particular train. This is now surprise however, as this is one of KwolleM’s key strengths, brought about by his fusion of mellow Jazz and R&B, combined them with Grime influences, with ‘Basildon’ itself bearing resemblance to Tinie Tempah’s ‘Wifey Riddim.’

The actual c2c route doesn’t stop at Woolwich Arsenal, but KwolleM takes a slight detour to link up-and-coming rapper DC, who hails from South East London. Those paying attention will notice that the c2c route doesn’t pass through Woolwich Arsenal The EP rounds out back at its Grime origins and features Manga Saint Hilare, Novelist and Flowdan.

‘c2c’ pays exceptional attention to detail; even down to the artwork [a homage to The Streets, ‘A Grand Don’t Come For Free’ and Skepta’s video for ‘A Bullet From A Gun’], and recruits some of the best storytellers the UK has to offer to guide our conceptual journey. Stream below via Spotify.

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