‘Only For Dolphins’ is a mellow ride; its beats comprised of an eclectic mix of diverse samples over which the ‘old soul’ that is Action Bronson delivers in a way that only he can. Far from ordinary, the music is only one small part of Bronson’s own personal creative renaissance. Alongside the album he’s released his own scent, ‘Splash’ [which also features as a track], a range of stuffed dolphin toys, and an exotic ice cream collaboration. As with all things Bronsolińo, ours is not to question why.

Why Dolphins? “The Dolphin is one of the most intelligent creatures ever created,” Bronson explains. “They have their own way of communicating.” Perhaps in dolphins, Bronson has found his perfect dance partner. ‘Capoeira’ [featuring Yung Mehico] is a perfect curtain raiser. It feels like the opening sequence to an American gameshow from the 80s, as part of a revival theme that spans the album [and indeed some of its visuals]. After singles ‘Latin Grammys’ and ‘Golden Eye’, Bronson signs off with what sounds like a closing monologue. For someone that’s lost 7 stone in weight, these final stages suggest he’s content: “no watch, no chain, just a down to earth gorgeous motherfucker with some fame / this ain’t no kids game.”

For a man who loves flavour, Bronson treats us to an eclectic mix of styles; we’re listening to Turkish Psych, Reggae, French film music, Lover’s Rock and Russian Funk, all within a the context of Flushing Queens Hip Hop. Its diverse sampling is undeniably Action Bronson. The method behind the genius? “I get inspiration from all around the world and I make what I want,” he says. ‘Only For Dolphins’ could only have been orchestrated by an artist that can call himself a chef, a Scorsese-approved actor, and a Grade A rapper to boot. It’s an expression of Bronson’s inclusive outlook on life; backed by his exclusive way of doing things. Stream below via Soundcloud.

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