Given the current state of the world, change is so urgently needed that we might as well turn to God – or Spillage Village. Their messianic new signle ‘Baptize’ reunites JID and EARTHGANG, and aims to restore some faith during such troublesome times of such political tension. The supergroup is expected to release their upcoming album ‘Spilligion’ on September 25th, and their latest single is as exciting as it’s glimpsing precedent ‘End of Daze’.

Olu, Hollywood JB, and Christo open the MCing on the record, taking charge of an ominous yet prayerful beat, while Johny Venus, Doctur Dot, and JID follow suit with trademark steez. After deserving affirmations of giving back to their communities and their success, it’s clear that this is no time to put arms down, and perhaps regeneration is the only way to fight oppressive systems.

Stream the music video below via YouTube, which ends, fittingly, with an apt Angela Davis quote: “I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I’m changing the things I cannot accept.”

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