South African born Jack Storm and American producer George IV’s newly released single ‘Smooth Operator’ is a fine example of how creativity can blossom during lockdown. 

Imagine; post-Covid Friday nights, meeting up with your mates. You are back in your favourite gritty London club. Suddenly, someone in the corner catches your interest. Bedroom hip-hop tune ‘Smooth Operator’ visualises the feeling of noticing a stranger and realising that feeling of instant attraction, but perhaps not having the courage to talk to them. It is down-tempo, yet fun – a summery fusion of Bossa Nova and UK Hip Hop.

Influenced by musicians such as Stan Getz and João Gilberto, ‘Smooth Operator’ started “with some very jazzy chords, and developed from there”. Speaking to Province, Storm said “We kinda wrote this in mind for when we can all dance and be together properly at a club night or party, when everything is okay again”. 

Stream below via SoundCloud.

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