Kojey Radical’s ‘Progression Freestyle 1’ is raw and relevant. In this first edition of what appears to be an ongoing series, the East London artist confronts current issues head on – most notably the gradual fade to back-page news for all things BLM. It’s a stark reminder of society’s fickleness; “Everyone wanna talk about race / But they won’t go distance.” The drill-inspired beat is full of frustration and anger; savage honesty and realism.

Amidst the rage, however, comes grit and optimism. Kojey knows change is happening – albeit slowly. At the end of the Milaview-directed video, he leaves a message: “Do not be afraid to turn back in order to progress. Change is constant.” It’s definitely a long haul, but with art that continually pushes the agenda, artists like Kojey Radical restore some hope. Stream below via Youtube.

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