Is it fair to say Boy Better Know are back? Did they ever leave? With new Frisco track ‘Red Card’ comes an undeniable sense of both nostalgia and anticipation eerily similar to that experienced around the release of ‘Too Many Man’ back in 2009. The single showcases Frisco, Skepta, Jammer, JME and Shorty rapping over what might just be the catchiest loop of 2020; one that marries Grime and South-Asian influence. Each member of BBK reiterates why they are the veterans of the Grime scene, which, simply put is because every time they drop; be it a track, a freestyle or a business venture they set the trend.

As far as Grime is concerned, BBK are the blueprint; the manuscript; the pacemakers and most importantly the referees. And as we know, what the ref says goes. Stream below via YouTube.

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