Dizzee Rascal - L.L.L.L


Days after teasing us with some frankly rather dangerous driving, Dizzee Rascal gives us the first taste of new album ‘E3 AF,’ [October 9] a new track entitled ‘L.L.L.L’ featuring Chip. Despite its full title [‘Love Life Live Large’] sounding like a Dan Bilzerian Instagram caption, it’s a promising sign of things to come. Self-produced, it’s bass-heavy, panpipe-assisted beat is deeply satisfying, adorned with some classic sounding bars from Diz: “I’m a lotta things but I’m not a wally / These man are wet like they got no brolly / Pop my collar but I don’t pop pills or swallow no molly.” The less said about that hook the better though eh?

Chip’s bars are a welcome reprieve, the highlight being deft a’capella ‘My manager tells me limit my access… / move more like Dizzee,” and the video’s a whole lot of fun. Stream below via YouTube, pre-order the album here.


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