Black Lives Matter.  We stand in solidarity with everyone fighting for equality, and for justice for George Floyd, Belly Mujinga, Breonna Taylor, and many others around the world.  Please take as much action you can – the links below might help if you’re unsure where to start.

Emails, Petitions and Open Letters
Email Minnesota Police Department demanding that first-degree murder charges be pressed against Derek Chauvin, the officer who killed George Floyd. The link is an automatic email generator that will open your inbox and fill in the template and address for you.
Email your MP and the British Transport Police Authority demanding Justice for Belly Mujinga. Email template here.
Email TSSA (Belly Mujinga’s union) demanding that collective action be taken to secure robust protections for workers. Email template here.
Email Patrick Verwer (Govia Thameslink CEO) enquiring as to the circumstances of Belly Mujinga’s workplace during COVID & the Company’s treatment of the criminal investigation Email template here.
Justice for Belly Mujinga petition
Email your MP demanding that the full, unredacted “Disparities in the risks and outcomes of COVID-19” report by Public Health England be published immediately. The report was intended to present the findings as to why BAME people are dying at disproportionately high rates of COVID-19. It has since been reported that the Minister for Health, Matt Hancock MP, and his office censored the findings. Email template here.
Free Siyanda petition
Petition to Police Scotland demanding an investigation into the death of Sheku Bayoh, who died in police custody soon after his detention on Sunday 3 May
Email your MP asking that the UK ends its arms sales (tear gas, rubber bullets etc) to the US. Email template here.
Petition: UK Govt to suspend the export of arms and riot gear to the US
Justice for Shukri Abdi petition
Justice for Breonna Taylor petition
Justice for Tony McDade petition
Petititon: teach histories of colonialism and imperialism in British schools
Petititon: update GCSE reading lists to include texts on race relations in the UK (including The Good Immigrant – N. Shukla and Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race – R.E. Lodge
Email your MP requesting solidarity with BLM and efforts to meet five demands of the movement. Email template here.
Open letter in solidarity with BLM protestors for researchers, policy execs, analysts and public/civil servants to sign
Donations (including how to donate for free)
Donate to UKBLM fund
Donate to Black Lives Matter
Donate to Black Lives Matter and BLM protestors’ bail funds for free and from home. N.B. must switch off AdSense / any ad blocker.
Donate to BLM for free N.B. must switch off AdSense / any ad blocker
Donate to ACLU, Reclaim the Block, NAACP, US bail funds and others for free N.B. must switch off AdSense / any ad blocker
Donate in memory of Salina Shaw, a mother who died from COVID-19 just eight days after giving birth to her third child. The money will be used to support her family.
Justice for Emanuel Gomes fundraiser. Emanuel was a cleaner at the Ministry of Justice, who died from suspected COVID-19 after being forced to work while ill, and despite demands for PPE, a Living Wage and sick pay. Donate towards the costs of repatriating his body and his funeral.
Donate in memory of Trevor Belle, a British cab driver who died of COVID-19 – he is thought to have contracted it following an assault by a passenger who claimed to have the virus. All funds raised will go towards Trevor’s funeral and to support his family.
Donate towards the costs of legal advisors and trained observers providing free counsel to attendees at the BLM UK protests and marches.
Updated list of bail funds in the United States
Split your donation between 70+ community bail funds in the US. N.B. PayPal link currently broken.
Donate to the 4Front Rest in Power movement – a campaign to memorialise and fight for justice to be brought to the 1,741 people who have died in police custody in England & Wales since 1990.
Donate to Remember Oluwale, a charity set up in memory of David Oluwale – a homeless, vulnerable Nigerian immigrant who was the victim of a campaign of abuse by police in post-war Leeds. He died in suspicious circumstances, and his suspected killers never held accountable for his death. The charity works on race-relations education and community engagement in Leeds.
Donate to Inquest, the only charity in the UK to investigate state-related deaths
Donate to the Network for Police Monitoring, a grassroots organisation that investigates and campaigns against excessive, violent, and intimidating policing/surveillance. Partner orgs include Doughty Street Chambers. Not a charity so receive no state aid – entirely reliant on private donations.
Donate to Newham Bookshop to distribute free books on race relations, racism etc (including Superior – A. Saini and children’s books on racism) to those who can’t afford them. Essentially a pay it forward scheme to help people learn and access knowledge.
Donate to UK Black Pride
Donate to Black LGBTQIA Therapy Fund
Donare to the Exist Loudly Fund, to support Black queer young people in the UK with workshops, sustained mentoring opportunities, community programmes. Extra funds will go towards Queer Black Christmas, where queer Black people who are either homeless or whose personal circumstances are difficult, can celebrate Christmas in a safe, loving environment.
Donate to Green & Black Cross to provide free legal counsel to protestors
Donate to Black Cultural Archives, the only national heritage centre in the UK to document and preserve the histories of African and Caribbean people in the UK. Also provides the space for Windrush Action legal clinics.
Donate to the Advocacy Academy, an organisation providing training and resources to support young activists, campaigners and changemakers in South London. Campaigns include decolonising school curricula and the ICFREE photo campaign around London bus stops, providing visual proof of excessive policing against Black, Muslim and BAME people.
Donate to Northern Police Monitoring Project, a grassroots organisation that provides “know your rights” training, community support and research into excessive police force used in cases in the North of England. Not state funded.
Donate to Black Minds Matter to provide specialist mental health support to Black people in the UK
Donate to the United Family and Friends Campaign Memorial Fund, to support the loved ones of those who have died in state-related circumstances in the UK
Donate to Les Gilets Noirs, a collective of migrants of African descent in France, campaigning against police brutality and immigration enforcement practices such as detention, deportation and unsafe labour practices
Donate to the Justice pour Adama campaign, led by the family of Adama Traoré who died from being asphyxiated by a French police officer in 2016. The family have been engaged in 10 legal proceedings trying to fight for justice – the money raised will go towards legal costs
Resources and referrals to direct to Black people and allies
London Campaign Against Police and State Violence – provide workshops on how to stay safe and know your rights when faced with ‘Stop and Search’ (section 60), and court guidance in civil claims against excessive/violent/intimidating policing cases in South London
IRIE Mind – provide mental health support by and for African-Caribbean community members in City, Hackney and Waltham Forest
Green & Black Cross ‘bust cards’ for protestors, detailing your rights at a protest, contact numbers for legal counsel, and what to do if stopped and searched. N.B. print it out and carry it with you at a protest and write the solicitors’ numbers on the inside of your arms (or memorise them) in case the paper is lost.
List of experienced protest and civil liberties solicitors if you need counsel during or after attending a BLMUK protest/march
GOV UK Notice of rights and entitlements in police detention. Available in many languages including Amharic, Igbo, Somali, Tigrinya and Yoruba.
A guide to coronavirus and protest law

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