Stormzy season is fully upon us.  This week saw new track ‘Own It’ drop, while Stormzy met fans outside his billboards in Croydon, and ‘H.I.T.H’ projections went up all around London.  With the album now available to pre-order and complete with release date [Dec 13], ‘Own It’ follows previous tracks ‘Wiley Flow‘, ‘Vossi Bop‘ and ‘Crown‘ as the fourth track to be taken from it.  The lyrics from the latter give the album its title; “I tried to be grateful and count all my blessings/ But heavy is the head that wears the crown.”  Interestingly, September drop ‘Sounds Of The Skeng‘ doesn’t appear to have made the cut.

To the track in question – it clearly has chart ambition.  A smooth and smokey Dancehall beat accompanies Stormzy, Ed & Burna’s whispers of sweet nothings.  It’s exceptionally high production value is perhaps though it’s only redeeming feature.  Let’s hope the rest of the album doesn’t follow suit.


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