Model 86 releases ‘Dream,’ a mind-altering, hauntingly melodic track filled with distorted vocal samples and driven forward by a pounding synth bassline.  It’s a greaet example of the kind of innovation we’ve come to expect from the British producer.

“‘DREAM’ is about, well… dreaming, and ultimately about people you may miss for whatever reason,” he explains. “The track has multiple different tempos that create this push and pull in places, it speeds up and slows right down.
To me it’s got this hip-hop vibe, mixed with this synth-wave vibe mixed with a future bass thing, then there’s the string quartet and vocoder hook, now I don’t know what genre it is.” The track is reportedly the first taste of an upcoming release entitlede ‘It’s a Post-Sex, Post-Nation, Post-Genre, Same Day Delivery Post Future and I Love It’, due for release some time next year. For now, stream ‘Dream’ below via SoundCloud.

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