The legendary Gang Starr released a historic new album this year. ‘One Of The Best Yet’ is their first in 16 years, and their 7th studio album. Comprised of brand new DJ Premier beats and previously unreleased, posthumous vocals from Guru. OOTBY features guests appearances from J. Cole, Royce da 5’9″, Talib Kweli, M.O.P., and Q-Tip, and is a tribute to Gang Starr’s dearly departed:

“I’ve never seen or felt so much love,” says producer DJ Premier. “The illest thing is, I have so many people coming up to me on the streets to congratulate and thank me. Guru’s tragic ending contributed to so many unfounded rumors, this album has erased so many difficult memories. ‘One Of The Best Yet’ is not about me, it’s about Guru and his family. This puts Guru where he deserves to be, eternally remembered as One Of The Best Yet.”

Stream below via SoundCloud.

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