Haich Ber Na [formerly Haich] has clearly been busy behind the scenes since the release of his debut EP ‘Unbalanced’ last year.  New single ‘Nowhere Like It’ is sparse and experimental, written, recorded and mixed by himself at his home studio based in Lewisham, South London, with vocals and bass parts added by close collaborator True Diesel.  There’s an ominous air of danger to the production that’s at odds with Haich’s trembling vocal, creating real intrigue.  The Kubrick-esque visual accompaniment echos this balance perfectly.  Haich describes his character, “trying to hold Emi back from exploring life alone. Out of love he’s trying to keep her close and every time she tries to find time for herself, he pops up.” Intricate, sinister details throughout remove any sense of time, and builds the tension until the viewer is left in suspense.  Stream below via YouTube.

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