It’s hard to believe given his status, but ‘The Big Day’ is actually Chance the Rapper’s debut studio album. His fourth solo project features the likes of Timbaland, Gucci Mane, Megan Thee Stallion, Justin Vernon, Francis and the Lights, Shawn Mendes and Nicki Minaj, and is a departure from his signature Gospel sound relative to last album ‘Coloring Book.’

Loosely themed around a wedding, Chance places family at the heart of the majority of the songs, quite literally in the cases of ‘Roo,’ which features Chano’s brother Taylor, and ‘Eternal,’ which is co-written by his father Ken. It may not be Gospel, but it’s every bit as joyous; ‘I Got You’ and ‘Found A Good One’ in particular are made to get you moving.

This is the first project Chance has put out that you can actually buy, and buy it you should. Or stream it below via SoundCloud, whatever.

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