“My second single ‘Crown’ drops at midnight,’ Stormzy told us on Thursday. “I’ve been struggling to find words to describe how much this song means to me… struggling to explain exactly why I felt the need to say what I’ve said on the record… and can’t quite summarise the journey of emotions the song takes me on when I listen back to it… we’ve created something very special and close to my heart.”

‘Crown’ follows ‘Vossi Bop‘ as the second single to come from his forthcoming sophomore album.  The former was everything you could ask for from a long-dormant Stormz; an all-out banger of an instrumental, elements of virality in the content and braggadocious bars.  The latter, however, explores Big Mike’s more introspective side, but unfortunately he sounds just about as uncomfortable singing on the intro as he does over the bizarre tempo of MJ Cole and Jimmy Napes’ beat.  Check out the ‘official performance video’ below via YouTube.


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