News of Tyler, The Creator’s fifth studio album came initially via a leak from Colombia parent label Sony Music, before Tyler began to roll out a series of bizarre video vignettes on YouTube, teasing 50 odd seconds of album tracks ‘IGOR’S THEME,’NEW MAGIC WAND,’ ‘WHAT’S GOOD’ and ‘A BOY IS A GUN.’  On ‘IGOR’ it feels as though Tyler has finally managed to fuse the two sides of the dichotomy that make him so compelling.  The lush, expansive textures we heard on ‘Flower Boy’ work in harmony with the face-scrunchingly raw edge of ‘Cherry Bomb.’  Thematically, ‘IGOR’ picks up where ‘Flower Boy’ lefts off, picking up characters and storylines which continue the Tyler, The Creator narrative.  Stream below via SoundCloud.

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