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Lord Of The Mics Volume season was officially declared open as guests boarded a cruise down the River Thames towards Grime’s spiritual home in East London, where the genre originated in the early 2000s. Along the journey, attendees bore witness to an evening hosted by Lord Of The Mics’ co-founder Jammer, kicking off with the first two clashes of LOTM Vol. 8.

First up, Essex-boy-ready-for-war Tommy B took on Jay0017, the first Bristolian to represent on LOTM.  Tommy B suffered some big blows on account of his height, but fought back each and every time with shots at Jay0017’s accent and Westcountry upbringing.  This spirited exchange was witty, hard-fought, and incredibly entertaining – just what LOTM is about.

Synonymous with grime, Lord Of The Mics is a brand that has provided a platform to seek and elevate underground UK street culture and the artists within it for almost 20 years, and it’s officially back.

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