Mick Jenkins’ long-awaited sophomore album is here, and ‘Pieces Of A Man’ is well worth the wait.  Asked about the meaning behind the album, the Chicago MC said it’s “just as simple as it sounds.  It could definitely be broken down into a couple different things.  I think there’s a lot to unpack but essentially it is pieces of me.  Pieces of what makes up Jason Jenkins as a person, and then I’m speaking to certain things about myself that the average man can identify with, especially the average black man.  Things the stereotypical man would have to deal with.”

He went on to detail how tracks like ‘Pull Up’ deal with “dead weight friends that are around simply because you love them and you fuck with them, and the nuances of how they might interrupt or hold you back and how you feel about that,” and how ‘Consensual seduction’ is concerned with “stress factors, we’re talking about a young man who may not be reflective and handling his emotions in the proper ways and these are things that stereotypically people feel men suffer from on a regular basis and things that personally I’ve had to address in my own way.”

Stream below via Spotify.

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