London’s Ragz Originale has been busy behind the scenes for a long time, producing for the likes of Skepta as well as his Minikingz cohorts, but has waited until now to release his full-length debut. ‘Nature’ contains the singles ‘She Said Run‘ and ‘Disaronno Straight‘, nestled in between which is the superb ‘En Route’.  In the main, production comes, of course, from the man himself, but the rich soundscape also had a helping hand from Kwes, E-Whizz, and Benji Flow.  ‘Nature’ somehow feels more honest than anything else in its lane; it’s frank and conversational.  That said, there’s not really much ‘in Nature’s lane’, which is very much by design.

“It was always gonna happen, we weren’t always going to hang around making the same genre of music forever,” Ragz tells HighSnobiety.  “I deliberately try to make fresh things for people to listen to. That’s my whole intention when I make music.”

The emotion is clearly no accident either: “It just depends how you articulate yourself at the end.  Vulnerability is where the art comes from, innit?”  Stream below via Spotify.

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